Jeremy Botha

Jeremy Botha
South Africa

Jeremy and his beautiful wife Tasha keep coming back to stunning East Coast in September for the same reason, the Wildcoast Wildrun®. Age 48, Jeremy has been running since he realised that if he didn’t he would never see Tasha. His running history is nothing to quibble about though with 6 Comrades, 9 Two Oceans, 5 Wildcoast Wildruns and a lot less (than Tasha) ultra's, marathons and half marathons!

Running has become such an integral part of their lives as a family and they cannot imagine a September without returning to Kei River Mouth for another fantastic 3 days of adventure along the Wildcoast. Jeremy is the owner of permanent number 5 and has the bag to prove it! 

Events completed: 
Wildcoast Wildrun 2012 - Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun® 2016 Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2013 | Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2014 | Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2015 | Departure 1
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