Mark Laden

Mark Laden
South Africa

Mark was convinced by Martin (another Lifetime member) to do his first Wildcoast Wildrun® and kept coming back! Coming from a road running background he was not prepared to try new things like running on a beach, jeep track or cattle path - this is the single minded approach of most boring road plodders. The bug clearly bit him though as in 2015 he completed his 5th Wildcoast Wildrun® making him part of the exclusive Lifetime members club. He has also completed the Wildcoast Wildrun® Non-stop in 2015! "It is the greatest 4 days of my running year, every year, so much so that I have named it a holiday which I enjoy thoroughly each year with both old, acquired and still to be friends!!" 


Events completed: 
Wildcoast Wildrun 2011
Wildcoast Wildrun 2012
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2013 | Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2014 | Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun™ Non-Stop 2015
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