Owen Middleton

Owen Middleton
South Africa
Founder & Managing Director
Trail running, sailing, mountaineering, adventure racing, orienteering, surfing, paddling, kloofing, rock climbing, fly fishing, scuba diving, mountain biking and many many other adventure sports are the life-blood of what makes Owen tick and the foundation of a business in the outdoor industry.  
Owen started Wildrunner in 2007 with the first short course trail running events in South Africa called the Trail Series - a brand of events that is now a 21 event national trail running series.
Owen has been running in the mountains since he was 8 years old.  Other than hundreds of kms of exploratory hiking & trail running in most of South Africa's mountainous regions, Owen's trail running resumé includes: Wildcoast Wildrun (x3), Skyrun (x3), Mauritius Royal Raid 80 & 25km, Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 250km, Three Peaks, Bat Run, Table Mountain Challenge (full x3), Hout Bay Trail Challenge, Rhodes Run & Otter Trail.  
Owen can more often be found running in his favorite 'local' mountains of Silvermine Nature Reserve with his trusty companion Shadow.
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Events completed: 
Lesotho Wildrun 2010 Recce
Lesotho Wildrun 2011
Lesotho Wildrun 2012
Lesotho Wildrun 2013
Richtersveld Wildrun™ 2014
Wildcoast Wildrun - Departure 2
Wildcoast Wildrun 2009
Wildcoast Wildrun 2010
Wildcoast Wildrun 2011
Wildcoast Wildrun 2012
Wildcoast Wildrun 2012 - Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun 2012 - Departure 2
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2013 | Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2013 | Departure 2
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2014 | Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2014 | Departure 2
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2015 | Departure 1
Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2015 | Departure 2
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