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Equipment - Lesotho

Temperatures can change in Lesotho by as much as 15°C in a day, with sunny weather replaced by icy rain or even snow.  You are required to carry the equipment listed below without exception, as this is for your own safety and the safety of those around you.  In this kind of terrain, it can be hours before help can arrive, so it is imperative that you have enough water, food and protective clothing in the event you need to sit tight and wait for help.  To rely on other runners for their kit is unacceptable, and puts them as well as you at risk.  There will be gear checks done for your own safety.
Anyone repeatedly not carrying this equipment will be pulled off the event:
  • Running bag with minimum 10l capacity – 15l recommended.  NO bum bags
  • Waterproof jacket (NO ponchos, apple jackets, Helium jackets or such will pass as a waterproof jacket)
  • At least a long sleeve micro fleece (NOT a wick-dry base layer, but something warm)
  • A beanie/fleece hat (NOT a Buff)
  • Dry bag/zip locks to keep clothes dry
  • Capacity to carry 2 litres of water minimum
  • Suitable nutrition for the duration of your run, plus a little extra just in case…
  • Mobile phone (charged and on throughout the run)
  • GPS with spare batteries
  • Headlamp and spare batteries (unless the batteries are new and it’s a long-life LED headlamp)
  • Emergency blanket
  • Whistle
  • Personal medication & basic first aid (must include Hand Warmers)
  • Lesotho Wildrun Map (supplied)
  • Compass
  • Wind protective shell (great to run in typical windy mountain conditions)
  • Buff
  • Hat
  • Your GPS
  • Your Lesotho Wildrun kitbag and Wildrun goodies will be sent to you in advance of the Lesotho Wildrun. This is the only bag that will be transported during the Lesotho Wildrun, and must include all you need for the three days.
  • You can pack a second bag to leave in your car at Ramabanta – you can then access it as soon as you arrive at the finish.
  • A change of warm clothes for the evening – a sleeveless down jacket is a real asset
  • Slip slops/sandals for evenings
  • A spare pair of running shoes to alternate if (when!) one gets wet
  • Small towel – travel towel is ideal
  • Dry bag to keep your kit in your bag dry – Sea to Summit makes light ones
  • Zinc oxide plaster for preventative strapping
  • Camera with a clean card – there is so much you will want to capture!


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