Getting there


SAA (Airways, Airlink,Express) is the only convenient way to get to Bloemfontein  - your closest point of access to Roma where you need to be at the latest 2pm. (You can fly to Maseru, although this is a lot more expensive.)

Distance from airport to Ramabanta (where you park your car):  160km (leave 3hrs max, including border crossing).

Distance from finish back to airport:  As above.

Driving to Lesotho:

  • 127km from Bloemfontein Airport to Maseru.  
  • From Maseru it’s 75.5km to Ramabanta Trading Post Lodge – the final night's stay and where you park your car in secure parking.
  • You can leave any extra kit for the final night and day of departure in your car, and it will be accessible when you arrive at the finish on Saturday.
  • All runners will be transferred from Ramabanta to the start venue.  This transfer will leave at 3pm. If you decide to fly, it is each runner’s responsibility to arrange a transfer to the start and back to Bloemfontein from the finish in advance.  

Documents, money, vehicle paperwork & vaccinations

  • Obviously you need your passport, so don’t forget this!
  • Since the 2010 World Cup, ID’s are no longer accepted in Lesotho.
  • Rands (ZAR) are accepted throughout Lesotho, as the ratio is 1:1 to the Maluti.
  • Credit cards are accepted, but cash is of course preferred.
  • Lesotho legislation says you need TWO red warning triangles as well as a ZA sticker on your vehicle (both available at any Outdoor Warehouse).
  • If you are driving into Lesotho in your own vehicle you MIGHT need a copy of your vehicle's registration document (certified to be sure) – so rather be safe than sorry and throw it in. 
  • No vaccinations are necessary, but the following are advised by the CDC when travelling in Lesotho.

Road blocks

Road blocks are generally speaking quite frequent and have some unique attributes.  

Here is how some of them work:

  • There is a stop sign in both directions with the police normally standing between them, 50m or so in front of each sign.  Make sure you stop dead AT THE STOP SIGN and not be conned into driving on past to the Police – despite how enthusiastically they are waving you forward.  If you don’t stop they will fine you for not stopping.  
  • Once you have come to a complete stop, wait for the police to motion you forward.  Number plates in Lesotho are dated and renewed every few years.  One of the more common tricks is to tell South African drivers that their number plates have expired.  There is usually a date stamped on SA number plates, but this is of course when either the vehicle was licensed in your name, or when a replacement number plate was put on and has no reference to the validity of the number plate or the license of the car.
  • Generally they will try and find something.  Do not be conned into paying a spot fine, but ask for a written fine notice.
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