Getting there

How to get there


You have three options for travelling to the event.

  1. A bus transfer from Cape Town to /Ai/Ais-Hot Springs Resort in Namibia and then to the start is included in the entry fee and is available to all participants. This transfer will get you to the start venue in time for registration, briefing and dinner.  
  2. Drive to Sendelingsdrif, the start venue, and leave your vehicle there for the duration of the event. This is the main gate of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, in South Africa, and where you will be for the first night - registration, briefing, dinner and acommodation. A SANParks vehicle will transport you from the finish at the /Ai/Ais-Hot Springs Resort in Namibia, back to Sendelingsdrif and your vehicle, on the day after the event (limited to 44 passengers).
  3. Drive to the /Ai/Ais-Hot Springs Resort in Namibia, the finish venue, and leave your vehicle there for the duration of the event. You will be able to take the SANParks vehicle transfer to the start venue at Sendelingsdrif (limited to 44 passengers) on the day of registration.

Space is limited in the SANParks transfer vehicle and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Make sure you book your transfer early to avoid having to take your second choice transfer.

NB You will need your passport with you as you will be crossing the Namibia-South Africa border for either options.

Recommended routes to and from Sendelingsdrif

The quickest way to get to the Park from the N7 (RSA) and B1 (Namibia) is to turn off at Steinkopf and approach via Port Nolloth and Alexander Bay with only the last 80km being on dirt.

For those wishing to vary their route and get a broader picture of the |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld the road from Vioolsdrift, via Kotzehoop, through spectacular scenery to Eksteenfontein and then on to Sendelingsdrif is one well worth traveling. (If you take this route please respect the interests of the Kotzehoop farmers whose crops are affected by the dust from speeding vehicles.)

Coming from Namibia, you will cross the Orange River on a ferry to make your way from Namibia into the Park and back again. This ferry costs ZAR160 per vehicle and ZAR220 with a trailer and closes at 16:00 South African time / 15:00 Namibian time.

The scenic route via Kuboes, Lekkersing and Eksteenfontein provides an additional dimension of what the region has to offer.

Another spectacular route, recommended for 4x4 vehicles only, is over the mountain pass via Helskloof Reserve between Eksteenfontein and Vioolsdrift.

The old pont that was last in service in 1988, when South West Africa (now Namibia) was still governed by South Africa, has been restored and offers an unusual and convenient way of crossing the Garib (Orange) River that separates the two countries. Before the opening of this border a very inconvenient 485km detour and about four hours drive had to be undertaken to cross from one side of the Park to the other.

Recommended routes to and from Ai-Ais

From Cape Town, travel north on the N7 (RSA) and cross the border into Namibia at Vioolsdrif. Continue north on the B1 and turn left on the C10 toward Ai-Ais. This road will take you to the resort.

If you're coming from the northern regions of South Africa, cross the border into Namibia at Nakop. Continue west on the B3 towards Karasburg. From here you can choose to take the C10 towards Ai-Ais or or continue on the B3 to Grunau, from where you will take the B1 south and then the C10 towards Ai-Ais.

It is your responsibility to confirm the operating times of border posts and other travel and border logistics.

Approximate distances

  Sendelingsdrif Ai-Ais
Windhoek 750km 713km
Alexander Bay 90km n/a
Port Nolloth 180km n/a
Springbok 320km 250km
Cape Town 875km 860km
Upington 720km 400km
Johannesburg 1 595km 1 190km
Durban 1 992km 1 600km


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