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Richtersveld Wildrun™ 2015 Event Guide

This is a sneak peak of the official Richtersveld Wildrun™ 2015 event guide. You do not need to download or print it, you will get your own physical copy at the race. 2015/05/14

Meet the Richtersveld team - Nick de Goede

The smooth running of the Richtersveld Wildrun™ will not be possible without the support of SANParks, and especially the manager of the South African side of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, Nick de Goede.   Nick has been in conservation for 22 years, working in KwaZulu-Natal parks for... [Read more] 2015/04/10

It’s game on at the Richtersveld Wildrun™

KT_140614_SATrailChamps_OuteniquaTraverse_6298.jpg Highlight:  At the sharp end of this year’s 150km, 4 day Richtersveld Wildrun™ race will be three of Southern Africa’s best trail runners, an American ultra-running legend and a double Olympian gold medallist.  ... [Read more] 2015/04/01

Richtersveld Wildrun™ tips

DH_RWR_Day1 (28).jpg Highlight:  As I am sure you know by now from pouring over the internet, the Richtersveld is an arid, geologically rich mountainous area that receives very little rainfall. However, the most important thing to note from a runner’s perspective is... [Read more] 2015/03/24

Olympic gold medallist to tackle the Richtersveld Wildrun™

James Cracknell Headshot.jpg Highlight:  James Cracknell, Olympic athlete and one of Britain’s most well-known and respected adventure  athletes will be tackling the four day, 150km Richtersveld Wildrun™, from 2-5 June 2015 in the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier... [Read more] 2015/03/18

Richtersveld Wildrun™: Meet the Richtersveld Tours team

KT_140607_Day4_RichterveldWildrun_3194.jpg Highlight:  One of the biggest reasons why the Richtersveld is such a special place and the Richtersveld Wildrun™ such a special event is the incredible hospitality of the people who live there. When the idea for a Wildrun™... [Read more] 2015/03/05

Nikki Kimball to run Richtersveld Wildrun™

nikki_kimball_2.jpg Highlight:  Nikki Kimball, current female champion of the 254km Marathon des Sables and three-time Western States 100 miler winner will be taking part in the four day, 150km Richtersveld Wildrun™ held during the first week of June 2015 in the /Ai/... [Read more] 2015/01/29

Five Reasons to run the Richtersveld Wildrun™

You’ve heard of the Richtersveld and you’ve heard of the Wildrun™ but what is it all about and why should you take part in a run that’s so far away from everything? We’d like to shed some light...   KT_140606_Day3_RichtersveldWildrun_0884.jpg Highlight:  1. The... [Read more] 2015/01/07

Taming the Tatasberg

Since 2011, the Lesotho and Richtersveld Wildrun™ events have utilised GPS tracks instead of a marked course to guide their runners on each day’s adventure in truly wild and remote environments.   In most instances, a GPS in the hands of even the most navigationally and technologically challenged... [Read more] 2015/01/05


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