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Frequently Asked Questions - Wildcoast

  • What is the Wildcoast Wildrun®?
The Wildcoast Wildrun® is a three-day staged trail/wilderness run, held annually. The course is not marked and terrain varies along the coast of the Transkei. Competitors stay in shared hotel accommodation throughout the event. 
  • How can I get to the start of the event for registration?
You need to make your own way to the start of the event. If you live in South Africa you can drive to Kei Mouth, park your car there and book a transfer via Wildrunner to get back to Kei Mouth from Coffee Bay at the end of the event. Alternatively, you can get a lift to Kei Mouth and be collected after the event from Coffee Bay. Click here for more info on transfers.
If you're flying into East London you can book a transfer from the airport to Kei Mouth on the day before the event starts and back again from Coffee Bay to the airport the day after the event finishes.
These transfers are optional and the cost is not included in your entry fee.
Details regarding the transfers are communicated to all runners timeously, prior to the event and are available on a pre-booked basis only.
If no transfer packages are available, it is up to the runner to get themselves to the start.
  • Is there any prize money?

​Yes, There is prize money for breaking the overall record.

For the first time ever in 2017, R25,000/ea will be awarded to the first male and the first female to break the respective overall male and female records for the Wildcoast Wildrun. The current records are:
Cas van Aardenne 10:06:50
Chantel Nienaber 11:31:30
1) Applies to fully paid entries only.
2) If there is a draw, the prize money will be shared between the record breakers
3) If more than one person breaks the current record, the fastest time will be awarded the prize money in full, and set the new record.
4) There is no prize money for the daily records, this applies only to the overall record for the men and the overall record for the ladies, as stated above. 

  • How will I know where I am going during the event?
You will receive a map of the route that has clearly marked aid station checkpoints (ACP's) and rendezvous points (RP's), as well as obvious features along the route clearly indicated, to help you navigate the course. The event director will go through the next day's route with you every evening, indicating route tips, things to watch out etc. This is done with an interactive google map, so runners can actually see the course for the next day.  
  • Are there any obstacles/rivers to cross on the route?
Yes - ultimately you are in wilderness areas and often required to cross a river/stream. On the Wildcoast Wildrun®, you will cross two big rivers a day (with a number of much smaller rivers along the way), with the final river of the day normally the biggest and right at the end – crew will be there to support you, although these are normally comfortable swims. Advice on how to cross coastal river mouths is given at briefing and in your event notes. Go through the route maps for the event thoroughly before entering, to ensure you are familiar with the type of obstacles you may encounter. Please remember that the conditions of a river crossing will vary depending on the weather, tide, time of day etc. What may be a wade for the front runners may be a swim for the runners closer to the back and vice versa. Likewise, weather can worsen during the day and effect the way you need to cross a river. 
  • What is the difference between the two departures?
Essentially, the two are the same. Both events are exactly the same in terms of what you get, the route etc.
Traditionally, there are about 10 runners who are running for time at the front of the field in the RACE so if you're a racing snake, hoping to break records and test yourself against others then this is the departure for you. However, if the JOURNEY has sold out already don't be afraid of entering the RACE if you're not the fastest runners out there. The majority of the field in both departures run at the same pace and the last runners on both departures usually take about the same time to finish each day.
  • Are there cut-off times each day?
Only where necessary. The cut-off times will depend on a number of factors, including weather and conditions on the day. Please refer to the specific event information for more details on cut-off times for that event, day-by-day. Normally, cut-off times for the Wildcoast Wildrun® will be decided the evening before, or even on the day of the event, when the weather conditions dictate the safety of the runners. 
  • Can I be pulled off the course even if I am within the cut-off times, or if cut-off times have not been confirmed?
Yes - you will only be pulled off the course for your own safety and this will happen if a) the medic at checkpoint is concerned for your health/safety or b) conditions on the course have become severe or dangerous and the race director rules that you will not be sufficiently safe to complete the day. This will never be done on a whim as we prefer all starters to finish! But be aware that conditions during the day can change and this can result in changes to the course where necessary. 
  • Can I use a GPS? / Do I need a GPS to take part?
On the Wildcoast Wildrun®, it's not really necessary and not required, but you are welcome to use a GPS if you would like to.
  • Do we run in pairs or is it a singles event?
The Wildcoast Wildrun® is an individual event,  you are not required to run in pairs. However, groups normally form through the course of the event and participants are rarely completely alone, unless you want to be! Non-stop runners need to run as a pair, minimum.
  • How safe is it?
As with any wilderness running, you will need to be aware of the outdoor elements and wildlife. Weather conditions can vary and make a normally easy river-crossings very dangerous, very quickly (tide pulling out, high winds etc.). You may come across snakes or other wildlife that you may want to avoid. A race sweeper (or two), who will be in contact with the base will remain behind the last runner at all times and respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. Personal safety from other humans is more difficult to predict - these areas are remote and it is unlikely for a runner to encounter negative characters. Although we have not experienced dangerous human encounters so far, it is worth being aware of all elements. If this is a concern for you, we suggest running in groups or with at least one other, for your peace of mind.
  • Is there any required equipment to take with me on the run?
No equipment will be checked at the Wildcoast Wildrun®, but we do have 'required kit' that we strongly recommend you have on you at all times, particularly dry bags, to ensure your kit doesn't get soaked on the river crossings. Equipment will be checked on the Non-Stop event. See Event Equipment for more information, as well as highly recommended kit.
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