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Location - Wildcoast


The Wild Coast is a section of coast in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, stretching from East London in the south to Port St Johns in the north.
Set in an extremely remote and rural area of South Africa, the rugged coastline is largely untouched and unspoiled by modern civilization. It is a breathtaking natural environment, comprising of long white beaches, crystal waters, rolling grassy hills, indigenous forests and deep-cut ravines typical of the east coast of South Africa.
It is one of the few places on earth where you will find not only natural beauty, but also friendly locals and great weather, all in one place.
  • Kei Mouth is a small holiday town, where you will find some passionate locals and the start of the beautiful wild coastline. There are a number of little coffee shops and pubs and everything can be accessed on foot.  
  • The Kei Mouth ferry takes you across the mouth of the Great Kei River - this is the same ferry that you will use to get to the start of the event. This is a short walk off the main road, of about 750m.
  • The ‘Foodzone’ is one of a couple of very basic grocery shops in Kei Mouth and only stocks the basics.  The "Foodzone" is opposite the Police Station and Petrol Station. Both close at 18h00. 
  • Hole-in-the-wall is the actual finish for the event and is simply beautiful. 
  • Ocean View Hotel in Coffee Bay is the venue for the final night's presentation, dinner and accommodation. An 'impromptu' party is sure to follow...
  • The distance from East London Airport to Kei Mouth (briefing, registration & start venue) is 80km (approx 1hr).
  • The distance from Coffee Bay (final presentation and accommodation post-event) to East London Airport is 230km (approx 4-5hrs).
  • Secure parking will be arranged for those runners driving and leaving a vehicle at Kei Mouth.
  • Transfers to and from East London at the end and finish of the race will available at an extra cost. Note, this is on a pre-booking basis only - click here for more details.
  • Take only memories and leave only footprints - please don't leave any litter or take any souvenirs.
  • If you need to do a number 2, do it somewhere private, dig a small hole (15cm) and bury your waste.
  • Be friendly and courteous to the local people, it's their land.
  • When you are in nature reserves, be on the look out for - and avoid harassing - the wildlife.


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