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Route - Wildcoast

The Wildrun® is unmarked bar the line where the ocean meets the land. Simply keeping the sea on your right will be enough to guide you to the finish of each day. There will be an extensive fly-through of the route each evening, where you can take notes.

Between the start and finish is some of the most incredible wilderness scenery in South Africa: Rolling grass hills edged by golden sand and pounded by an unforgiving warm Indian Ocean. The grassy hills are broken at regular intervals by fresh-water streams and rivers (not for drinking) – some a shallow wade through and others a brief refreshing dip. Endless cattle trails have created some of the best trail running pathways, and runners will enjoy long sections of contouring trails that crisscross the coastline. Spring low tide gives way to rock hard golden beaches and open rocky reefs. If you are racing, make sure you check out Google Earth – route choices will be key to winning this race!

Distance: 44.2km
Vertical gain: 519m
WTG: GREEN 10A What’s this?

The start of the Wildrun® route is from the Kei River ferry, a novel experience that is sure to stand out in memory. Runners will immediately have the route option of over or around to get onto the coastline (we recommend around!). From there it’s a 10km section of tight coastline (beach and rock) until you get to the first grassy slopes and the infamous Jacaranda ship wreck. 3km later brings you to your first river crossing – the Khobonqaba River. Another 4km grassy hill section brings you to the water table/checkpoint just before another river crossing over the iNxaxo River. From here on it's mixed terrain, passing through Mazeppa Bay, until you finally catch sight of the Wildrun® flags. A final splash across the Qora River Mouth completes day one of the Wildrun®.



Distance: 35.2km
Vertical gain: 555m
WTG: GREEN 9B What’s this?

Starting from the gates of Kob Inn, runners will immediately pick up a jeep track that takes you along the first section of undulating coastal hills. There is early refreshment in store for you after just 3km with the first river crossing of the day – the Jujura River. For the next 8km it's mostly undulating grassy slopes interlaced with a short section of beach until you reach Nqabara. Another 11km brings you to the gates of Dwesa Nature Reserve and the water/checkpoint. From here to the Mbashe River mouth – and the finish of day two – is inside Dwesa Nature Reserve with some of the most unspoilt coastline in the world.



Distance: 34km
Vertical gain: 1,046m
WTG: GREEN 10B What’s this?

The first 3km of the final day is on forested jeep track that eventually leads you onto another stunning section of wilderness coastline. Here there is a route choice of jeep track or coastline to Breezy Point. The first half of the final day is on mixed terrain, but mostly small beaches broken up by rocky points and grassy headlands. The second half consists of majority cattle trails along grassy slopes with spectacular views out over the ocean. The last few kilometers are sheer trail running bliss! Wide hard-packed cattle trails will bring you out to an elevated view of the finish and one of the most spectacular natural wonders in South Africa: the Hole-in-the-Wall rock formation. A fast single track downhill brings you to your final river crossing of the Wildrun® and to the finish of a most memorable journey.


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