The Wildcoast Wildrun® | Unpacking the Entry Fee

Six Wildcoast Wildrun® (WCWR) finishers chat about their WCWR experience and why they do, or would, pay year on year to enjoy this three-day stage race along a pristine, untouched part of the Transkei coastline.

It’s an active holiday

Angelo Henry is running his eight consecutive WCWR this year and aims to complete 10 before throwing in the towel. He admits the entry fee is steep, but is happy to pay year on year for what he gets out of the experience, an active, awesome holiday! “It is expensive, but Tam and Owen (Middleton, the Race Directors) and crew, always pull out all the stops to provide us with a great overall experience. I look forward to the WCWR every year as it gives me a target to aim for and reacquaint with people from the year before. I look at it as a holiday with quite a bit of exercise.”

It’s an extraordinary getaway

Jeremy and Tasha Botha are running their fifth WCWR this year, and have happily paid the entry fee each time. For runners with their fingers hovering over the pay button, they caution them not to expect five-star accommodation, but definitely five-star treatment. “Don’t go expecting five-star accommodation, and that’s not what this event is about. What you will get is a decent bed and (generally) a hot shower, really great food, cold beer and wine and brilliant company,” they say. On top of that, getting away from their home town, Johannesburg, and running together through the Transkei really does offer an unusual holiday for the two of them to enjoy. “Getting away from JHB, running together in some of the most spectacular and unspoiled parts of South Africa, meeting up again with some great mates and the brilliant organisation keep us coming back.”

You have to consider the logistics

When asked if she’d pay for the entry fee again, Sandra du Toit simply stated, “over and over again.” Sandra touches briefly on the logistics of an event like this, where each morning that runners take off along the coastline, crew break down, pack and move to the next location. The coastline and runner’s route is often the quickest way to get from A-B, and crew sometimes have to drive hundreds of extra kilometers to get to the next overnight stop and prepare for the tired runners at the finish line. On top of that, the Transkei does pose its challenges, which have to be overcome quickly and without letting anyone know about them. “I think the cost is very reasonable, given the food, accommodation, transport and support. You get a fantastic hot meal, a hot shower and a few beers at the end of a long day which is all you need.” Sandra has a tip based on her actions, “I pay early in the year, forget about the money and then look forward to the experience!”

It’s always better the second time around

Stewart Chaperon is a big fan of the WCWR and would only change one thing – which is offering competitive runners more of an incentive to enter. That said, he wasn’t able to say a negative thing about the entry fee or event. “The experience was excellent, there wasn't anything to fault from accommodation to logistics and food.” In fact Stewart is dead keen to take part again, pointing out that “races and events are always much more enjoyable the second time around.” 

It’s worth it for the thoughtful extras

Claire Allen Gatonby, a working mom, was bowled over by the experience and how smoothly the event ran. “For me it was a hassle -free run, which for a working mum is most appreciated.” Not only did she enjoy her time running the Transkei coast, she loved the extra touches. “I would rather run fewer of these events, but enjoy the extras that WCWR give, like their friendliness, the welcome you get at the end of the day, the flash back movies, wholesome food, amazing kit, fresh water, hot showers, maps, check in points, bag drops etc.” Sure she agrees that it’s pricy, but she also points out that you’re paying for your safety. “I think part of it is an insurance that if anything goes wrong, like you get lost, fall, etc, they will ensure you get the necessary help.”

Stop hovering over the entry button and do yourself a favour and click pay. It’s time to experience the most incredible running adventure. For more information, have a look at the Wildrun® website.

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