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What is the Wildcoast Wildrun®?

WCWR2015-dep1-day3-214.jpg Highlight:  Imagine the sound of crashing waves surrounding you. Feel the hard-packed sand under your pounding feet, the wind through your hair. Experience the beat of your heart, your racing breath and look forward to the feeling of... [Read more] 2016/01/21

I did it.

WCWR2015-dep1-day3-186.jpg Highlight:  I did it!   Sho, that was a long run. Ok, a long time on my feet with some sporadic running and lots of ‘moving forward’. Actually, apart from some sore feet I came out fairly unscathed … and didn’t even come last (not that that... [Read more] 2015/10/01

Replenished spirits and a broken record

The final day of the Wildcoast Wildrun® RACE dawned cool and cloudy, providing perfect running weather for 45 intrepid runners as they made their way to Hole-in-the-Wall on the final day of the Wildcoast Wildrun® RACE.   Leading the way, was Bennie Roux who, after missing out on record times on... [Read more] 2015/09/15

Blown away by the Wild Coast

Some days the Wild Coast is friendly. Some days, not so much. Today we knew it was going to be windy but you can never quite prepare yourself for a headwind.  As runners came in at The Haven their faces told a story of a long, tough day on the run but most agreed that the views from the Dwesa... [Read more] 2015/09/14

Records still standing after first day of Wildcoast Wildrun®

The day dawned red and sultry as the Wildcoast Wildrun® RACE got underway from the Kei Mouth ferry with 47 runners raring to take on three days of trail running along the magnificent Wild Coast. With high hopes of breaking records, a few eager runners set off fast from the start line – Bennie Roux... [Read more] 2015/09/13

A memorable non-stop

The first ever official Wildcoast Wildrun® Non-Stop took place at the same time as the JOURNEY with eight runners taking on the 112km course without stopping. As they crossed the finish line at Hole-in-the-Wall they were broken but not beaten and all runners are on their way to recovery after an... [Read more] 2015/09/09

The journey ends

Three days of beautiful but challenging trail running came to an end yesterday at Hole-in-the-Wall as 79 runners completed the Wildcoast Wildrun® successfully.  It was a long time coming for most and after taking the plunge and entering in January, there has been long hours of training and many ups... [Read more] 2015/09/09

A blustery tailwind on day 2

It was a sunny and warm start to the second day of the Wildcoast Wildrun® as the JOURNEY continued along this incredible coastline.  Blisters and sore muscles were a plenty but that didn’t bring spirits down as runners were not only looking forward to quality running but were also treated to... [Read more] 2015/09/07

Wildcoast Wildrun® 2015 kicks off

The Wild Coast put its best foot forward on the first day of this year’s Wildcoast Wildrun® as 82 runners started this three-day trail run in almost perfect conditions. However, as is the case on the Wild Coast more often than not, conditions had a sting in its tail and a headwind in the later... [Read more] 2015/09/06

Trail runners to take over Wild Coast next week

The Wildcoast Wildrun® will be kicking off this Sunday with another packed field. As has become tradition, the 85 spots in this popular three-day trail run were taken within days of entries opening in January this year and it's safe to say the Wildrun® is still a firm favourite on the South African... [Read more] 2015/09/02


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