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Running, donating and gearing-up!

The Spur Cape Winter Trail Series™ is nearly over and with two of the ‘long’ courses behind me, both, incidentally, with the MOST RIDICULOUS hills in them, I’m feeling strong (ok, a little under-trained perhaps, but mentally strong…). That said, I’ve just been told I am number 46 in my category in... [Read more] 2015/08/06

Would you believe it? Running=2, Tam=2!

20150627_081139.jpg Highlight:  Meet Cat, my BFF!! Cat has done almost all of my training runs with me so far and so, whether she likes it or not, she is my official running buddy and BFF – she says that good friends bail you out of jail and best friends sit in jail... [Read more] 2015/07/02

Running=2, Tam=1

DH_RWR_Day4 (138).jpg Highlight:  The Richtersveld Wildrun™ is just around the corner (starts on Tuesday next week!) so I will again confess, I haven’t done a lot of running. I have also been plagued with bad luck, sickness and general laziness, each in almost equal... [Read more] 2015/05/28

Extreme athletes need to rest

11074360_10206111763134305_2872074620848391238_n.jpg Highlight:  Post 2 Oceans half … and I took 7 minutes off my previous time!   And that was the last time I ran. Well, I’ve done two mountain hikes since then, but with a foot injury that cropped up after Oceans, I... [Read more] 2015/04/30

Who needs to run anyway?

11070008_10205977410335569_1512441337977879219_n.jpg Highlight:  Ok, so running has taken a nose-dive and I’ve recently discovered (I know I’m a bit late here) that when you fall off, it’s tricky to get back on …. I haven’t been running as much as I need to lately... [Read more] 2015/03/25

Tam's road to the Wildcoast Wildrun™

WR2015-Summer3-163.jpg Highlight:  Follow Tamaryn Middleton's quest to run her first Wildcoast Wildrun™ and raise R10,000 for the official Wildrun™ charity, Ikhaya Loxolo.   2015 started off with a bit of running … or to be more specific, slow uphills, fast downhill... [Read more] 2015/02/26

Five Reasons to run the Wildcoast Wildrun™

NM_20130921_3594.JPG Highlight:  1. The scenery The route of the Wildcoast Wildrun™ will take you along one of the most beautiful and wild coastlines, not only of South Africa but, of the world. The scenery is un-paralleled and the views are endless.   2. Recharge... [Read more] 2015/02/18

Wildcoast Wildrun™ river crossings – what you need to know

292A7644.jpg Highlight:  In case you haven’t heard and if you haven’t figured it out for yourself yet… there are river crossings at the Wildcoast Wildrun™. Travelling along a coastal stretch for more than 100km in one direction means it is inevitable to cross a few... [Read more] 2015/02/12

Ikhaya Loxolo Annual Update 2014

garden.jpg Highlight:  Since it's inception the Wildrun™ has always given back to the communities that we've been running in. Last year we heard of Ikhaya Loxolo, a home for the disabled in the Transkei and raised funds for them before and during the Wildcoast... [Read more] 2015/02/04

Wildrun™ guru: Training and other tips

Martin Stewart is one of only two runners who have run every Wildcoast Wildrun™ since 2009. He knows every inch of the Wildrun™ route intimately and can safely be called the Wildrun™ guru. We asked him to share some advice for anyone who's wondering how they should approach their first (or second,... [Read more] 2015/01/23


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