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Running … what’s that?!

Ok, so training didn’t exactly happen during the holidays. That’s not to say I didn’t do anything at all, but I’m not sure my four little runs over two weeks really counts. I did really enjoy each one though...   1) New route for me from Silvermine to home (courtesy of Owen), where I bumped into... [Read more] 2015/01/05

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

112kms in three days is a fairly daunting prospect when you’re only doing 20kms a week but you have to crawl before you can walk and this is the policy I am currently employing in my journey to my first Wildcoast Wildrun™ as a runner.  Training started about six weeks ago and it’s going fairly well... [Read more] 2014/11/27

Running for those who can’t

140902_ikhaya_schooling.jpg Highlight:  For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Tamaryn Middleton, nee Jupp, and I, along with my husband Owen, have spent the last seven years organising trail running events all over South Africa (Wildrunner) -... [Read more] 2014/10/29

That’s a wrap

292A8789.jpg Highlight:  After three days and 112km we’ve come to the end of yet another Wildrun™.    The Wild Coast treated us to three memorable days with perfect weather and running conditions on days 1 and 3 and a taste of why this area is called the Wild Coast.... [Read more] 2014/09/20

There's a reason it's called the Wild Coast

292A6791.jpg Highlight:  What was supposed to be a relatively easy day with a gentle tail wind turned into an extremely challenging day as the Wild Coast proved why it has earned its wild reputation.   The seas were rough as runners awoke to on day 2 and they would... [Read more] 2014/09/19

The start of a wild journey

292A5962.jpg Highlight:  No two Wildruns are ever the same and this was made clear this morning as participants in the second Wildcoast Wildrun™ set off from Kei Mouth on their journey to Hole-in-the-Wall.    The starting pace was much more relaxed than the race last... [Read more] 2014/09/18

Chaperon and Read take Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2014

OliviaRead.jpg Highlight:  Stage running presents a special challenge to any trail runner and the area you run through has to be spectacular to make the pain of three days of long distance running worth it. The Wildcoast Wildrun™ never fails to deliver in this... [Read more] 2014/09/14

Wildcoast Wildrun™ race hots up

292A2598.jpg Highlight:  There were a few tired legs that made their way to the start of day 2 at Kob Inn to be greeted by another fantastic day on the Wild Coast. As the sun rose, temperatures went up with it and the wind became stronger as the day progressed.... [Read more] 2014/09/12

Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2014 kicks off in tough conditions

292A0606.jpg Highlight:  It was a tough but beautiful start to the Wildcoast Wildrun™ 2014. The race started as always at Kei Mouth after runners crossed the river on the famous ferry to enter the Transkei and make their north up the coast for three days to the... [Read more] 2014/09/11

Wildcoast Wildrun™ to donate to Ikhaya Loxolo

140902_ikhaya_garden_workers.jpg Highlight:  Wildrunner has donated over R400,000 during the last seven years to various local conservation initiatives, ensuring we give back to the areas where we run. This year the Wildcoast Wildrun™ will be contributing to Ikhaya... [Read more] 2014/09/02


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