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Into the Wild

2013 Wildcoast Wildrun: Modern Athlete | "Into the Wild" - Martin Stewart
The humbling privilege of being able to spend three days running along the most beautiful coastline in the world, and the incredible...

Wildcoast Wildrun: Stripping through pretences one km at a time

2013 Wildcoast Wildrun: DO IT NOW | "Wildcoast Wildrun: Stripping through pretences one km at a time" - Catharina Robbertze
The Wildcoast Wildrun is not an event wrapped in prestige, fame or fortune. There are no...

Pure and unimaginable

2013 Lesotho Wildrun: DO IT NOW | "Pure and unimaginable" - Owen Middleton
The rain continued to fall unabated the next morning, breaking only for the start shortly after 7am. Later...

Wilder Lesotho Wildrun

2013 Lesotho Wildrun: Modern Athlete | "Wilder Lesotho Wildrun" - Linda Doke
The Lesotho WIldrun is an incredible journey filled with rich experiences and intoxicating views into a world that time seems to have...

Running Wild

2012 Wildcoast Wildrun: DO IT NOW | "Running wild" - Stephen Cunliffe
The true Wildrun experience is difficult to reduce to words. The magnificence of the coastline is beyond...

King of the mountains

2012 Lesotho Wildrun: DO IT NOW | "King of the mountain" - Stephen Cunliffe
Whether you see yourself as a king of the mountains or a more social 33-hour finisher, this tough race has an appeal to trail runners of all...

Where the Wild Things Are

2011 Wildcoast Wildrun: Runner's World | "Where The Wild Things Are" - Amy Ebedes
"It was impossible to conceal my emotions as I crested the final headland and got a full view of the Transkei’s iconic Hole In The...

Image of Inspiration

2011 Wildcoast Wildrun: Running Wild | "Image of Inspiration"

Wild About The Wild Coast

2011 Wildcoast Wildrun: Modern Athlete | "Wild About The Wildcoast" - Sean Falconer
One of the real perks of my job as a running journo are the invites to exotic races in incredible settings, and they don't come much...

An unforgettable journey

2011 Lesotho Wildrun: Modern Athlete | "An unforgettable journey" - Catharina Robbertze
Blisters disappear, inflammation subsides and sunburn heals, but that feeling of immortality will remain with every finisher of...


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