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What is a Wildrun®?
A Wildrun®is a three to five-day staged trail/wilderness run, held annually. The course is not marked and terrain varies.
How will I know where I am going?
You will receive a map, either of the whole route (Wildcoast) or daily routes (Richtersveld) that has clearly marked check-point (CP's) and rendezvous points (RP's), as well as obvious features along the route clearly indicated, to help you navigate the course. In difficult/less obvious areas, you will be given GPS track-logs that you can follow (Lesotho/Richtersveld).
Are there any obstacles/rivers to cross on the route?
Yes - routes vary but ultimately you are in wilderness areas and often required to cross a river/stream. Go through the route maps for the event thoroughly before entering, to ensure you are familiar with the type of obstacles you may encounter.
How can I get to the start of the event for registration?
In most events, Wildrunner will supply optional transfer packages, the details of which will be available on the relevant event site (e.g. Wildcoast Wildrun®, transfers from East London Airport to the start and from the finish back to East London Airport). If no transfer packages are available, it is up to the runner to get themselves to the start.
Can I use a GPS?
Yes, GPS use is allowed at all Wildruns® and in some cases required.
Do we run in pairs or is it a singles event?
These are individual events and you are not required to run in pairs. However, groups normally form through the course of the event and participants are rarely completely alone, unless you want to be!
How safe is it?
As with any wilderness running, you will need to be aware of the outdoor elements and wildlife. Weather conditions can vary and make a normally easy river-crossing very dangerous (tide pulling out, high winds etc.), very quickly. High mountain passes can be sunny and beautiful one minute and cloudy and treacherous the next. You may come across snakes or other wildlife that you may want to avoid. A race sweeper (or two), who will be in contact with the base will remain behind the last runner at all times and respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. Personal safety from other humans is more difficult to predict - these areas are remote and it is unlikely for a runner to encounter negative characters. Although we have not experienced dangerous encouters so far, it is worth being aware of all elements.
Is there any required equipment to take with me on the run?
Yes. This will vary depending on which Wildrun® you are taking part in and the relativel level of danger/remoteness of the route. See Event Equipment for the specific event you would like to take part in for more information and watch this video.
Are there cut-off times each day?
Yes, where necessary. The cut-off times will depend on a number of factors, including weather and conditions on the day. Please refer to the specific event information for more details on cut-off times for that event, day-by-day.
Are there any holiday packages available after the Wildrun?
Yes, there a 3 holiday packages available for the Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun®.
Option 1: Cape Town Tour
Option 2: Kruger Park Tour 
Option 3: Sanbona Tour


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