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General Rules & Regulations

Entry requirements
  • You need to be 20 years old or older to participate in a Wildrun®.
  • You do not need to be a member of a running club to participate in a Wildrun®.
  • You will be required to complete a medical before the Wildrun® and submit this pre-event.
  • You will be required to attend registration the day before, attend the briefing and pass the pre-event medical check.
  • You must collect your Wildrun® number and sign the indemnity at registration.
  • Each participant is responsible for getting to the start on time.
At the event
  • Accomodation is on a shared basis unless stated otherwise.To be classed as a finisher of a Wildrun® you must have completed the distance by travelling between the start and finish of each day on foot and unaided within the hours of daylight during the days of the event, passing through and registering at given checkpoints en route.  Anyone not finishing will be listed as DNF in the results and will not receive a medal or finishers T-top.
  • Anyone not checking into checkpoints en route will be classed as DNF.
  • During the run you will be required to be self-sufficient and carry the required kit as detailed for each Wildrun®.
  • Wildrun® routes may be unmarked and if so maps, GPS waypoints, descriptions and instruction are given both ahead of time and at the event briefing.
  • Other navigational aides are allowed.
  • It is each respective participant's responsibility to check in before and at the finish of each day's stage.
  • If you withdraw from the race it is your responsibility to inform the organisers as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in an extensive and costly man-hunt.
  • If you withdraw from the Wildrun® without requiring medical attention, we will assist, where possible, in transporting you to each day’s venue until the finish venue only.
  • The Wildrun® will be timed and results posted daily.
  • Overall results are based on an accumulative time.
  • Take only memories and leave only footprints – please don’t leave any litter or take any souvenirs.
  • If you need to do a number 2, do it somewhere private, dig a small hole (15cm) and bury your waste.
  • Be friendly and courteous to the local people, it’s their land.
  • When you are in nature reserves be on the look-out for and avoid harassing the wildlife.
Refunds and substitution
  • Refund policies do apply, please consult the registration info when entering.
  • No substitutions will be taken within two weeks of the event start.
Family & friends
  • Limited space is available for non-running partners on a first come, first served basis.  Supporter packages are available on request.
  • Anyone who participates in or attends a Wildrunner event, does so knowing photographs, videos and/or audio recordings may be taken. By attending the event, you consent to being interviewed and/or photographed; audio recordings and/or video recordings being made; and agree to the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of the above mentioned interviews, photographs, audio recordings and/or video recordings for use in any news articles or programmes, web-casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on web sites, or for any other purpose(s) related to Wildrunner, its vendors, partners, affiliates and/or representatives.
PLEASE NOTE: This a tough outdoor running event that takes you deep into remote environments. By its very nature you will need to be self-sufficient and carry the compulsory equipment listed. Please consider your experience before entering and feel free to contact us for any more information.
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